Monday, October 26, 2009

Hydro-Québec Seeks Control Of N.B. Corridor To U.S.: Experts

From CBC:

Hydro-Québec has a strategic motive for its interest in NB Power, say people familiar with the industry.

Former New Brunswick energy minister Jeannot Volpe said Hydro-Québec may want to buy the utility so it can block sales of electricity to the United States by Newfoundland and Labrador from its Lower Churchill development.

The Newfoundland government wants to get electricity from that project into the U.S., he said, but it has not been able to arrange transmission through Quebec.

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My Comment: Smart business if you ask me .... the only question that I have to ask is that Newfoundland knows what is happening .... but why are they on the sidelines?

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Anonymous said...

Good deal for everyone, but New Brunswickers...we are loosing out big time.