Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Court Strikes Down Quebec English School Law

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that Bill 104, a Quebec law restricting access to English schools, is unconstitutional. Photograph by: Geoff Robins, AFP/Getty Images

From the CBC:

Supreme Court of Canada calls Bill 104 'excessive'.

Canada's top court has declared a Quebec law barring certain students from going to public English-language schools unconstitutional, a decision that has "angered" the province's government.

The Supreme Court of Canada released its unanimous ruling on Bill 104 on Thursday morning, effectively throwing out two Quebec government appeals to preserve the legislation.

The court called Bill 104 "excessive" and lacking nuance, and is giving Quebec one year to replace it with an appropriate compromise.

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My Comment: This is a surprise .... but it is also the right decision. Kudos to the Supreme Court of Canada for standing on what is both morally and legally right for families who want to get the best education for their children.

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