Friday, December 4, 2009

The Original Habs

Samuel de Champlain, an artist and cartographer as well as explorer, drew this picture of the original fortified settlement in Quebec City in 1608-10. Notice the title he gave it: Abitation de Qvebecq. Or Habitation of Quebec in modern English. The people who lived there were Habitants, or "Habs." Photograph by: Samuel de Champlain, Montreal Gazette file photo.

From The Montreal Gazette:

Long before the puck dropped, meet ...

As we mark the 100th birthday today of the Montreal Canadiens, the most celebrated franchise in hockey history, let us also pause to pay tribute to the original "Habs" from whom the club gets its famous nickname.

Or shall we say its English-language nickname.

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My Comment: A little bit of Quebec history.

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