Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Car-Friendly O'Sullivan Tries To Unseat Former Boss

Photo: O’Sullivan wants fewer city officials, more downtown parking and a cleaner city. (Courtesy: Équipe Louise O' Sullivan Parti Montreal Ville-Marie).

From CTV:

Independent downtown councilor Louise O'Sullivan, a car-friendly former member of Mayor Gerald Tremblay's team, is a dark horse in the race to succeeed him as mayor of Montreal.

Her partnership with Tremblay ended over their different visions for the city.

Now she leads a party called Équipe Louise O' Sullivan Parti Montreal Ville-Marie.

O'Sullivan wants fewer city officials and more downtown parking, part of what she says is a desperately-needed makeover.

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My Comment: A breath of fresh air in this race ... but with little money she does not have a chance.

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