Friday, October 9, 2009

Harel Promises Tax, Transit Rate Freeze

Photo: Vision Montreal Leader Louise Harel says her party would freeze municipal taxes for 2010. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

From CBC:

If elected mayor, Louise Harel said she would freeze municipal taxes and transit rates for 2010.

The Vision Montreal leader unveiled her 36-page platform Wednesday, ahead of Montreal’s municipal election Nov. 1.

The document also proposes sweeping changes to the organization of the city that would take responsibilities away from the boroughs and centralize them at city hall, including road work, snow removal, garbage collection, water management, and economic development.

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My Comment: There is nothing in her history that will make me believe that what she says is what is going to happen. When it comes to issues of money and finances her history has always been to tax and spend .... with the merger mess that she helped put together being her ultimate albatross and legacy.

Unfortunately .... if she wins ..... her answer to Montreal's problems will be to centralize more powers. Centralizing all management and responsibilities of the boroughs is a guarantee that the boroughs are not going to be serviced properly, and also a guarantee that it will cost more and limit services.

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