Monday, October 5, 2009

McGill Grad Wins 2009 Nobel For Medicine

This picture shows British-born Jack Szostak and Carol Greider and Australian-born Elizabeth Blackburn, won the prize of 10 million Swedish crowns ($1.42 million), Sweden's Karolinska Institute said. Blackburn, Greider and Szostak's work laid the foundation for studies that have linked telomerase and telomeres to human cancer and age-related conditions. Work on the enzyme has become a hot area of drug research, particularly in cancer, as it is thought to play a role in allowing tumour cells to reproduce out of control. Photograph by: Handouts, AGP/Getty Images/Reuters

From The Montreal Gazette:

STOCKHOLM - Three Americans – including one who studied at McGill – won the Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday for discovering and identifying telomerase, the enzyme that renews the little caps on the end of chromosomes whose natural fraying underlies aging and cancer.

Australian-born Elizabeth Blackburn, British-born McGill grad Jack Szostak and Carol Greider won the $1.42-million prize, Sweden's Karolinska Institute said.

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My Comment: As a McGill grad .... I have to pump the McGill connection.

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