Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quebec Man Convicted Of 4 Terror Charges

Said Namouh has been found guilty of four terrorism-related charges. The 34-year-old allegedly planned to detonate an explosive in a public place. Photograph by: Mike McLaughlin, Courtroom sketch

Quebec Man Guilty Of Terror Charges -- Globe And Mail

The Maskinongé terrorist was found guilty today on four charges of taking part in the activities of a terrorist group, including one count of plotting to set off a bomb in Vienna.

The three other charges accused Saïd Namouh of acting as a propaganda arm for violent Islamists.

Mr. Namouh engaged in hundreds of online conversations and produced videos praising violent attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He lauded the kidnappers of a British journalist in Gaza and allegedly helped distribute ransom demands. He threatened future attacks in Germany and Austria.

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