Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who Will Anglos Vote For In the South Shore

Longueuil mayoral candidate Caroline St-Hilaire, a former Bloc Québécois MP, on the campaign trail last week. Photograph by: PHIL CARPENTER, GAZETTE FILE, The Gazette

Voters Are Between A Rock And A Hard Place -- Montreal Gazette

Greenfield Park; Anglo residents in a quandary.

It's hard to find people more unhappy with municipal politics than the anglophones of Longueuil who live in the former town of Greenfield Park.

Residents saw their town merged into Longueuil against their will in 2002. They fell just short of qualifying for demerger in 2004. Then they were forced into a new centralization plan with their larger borough neighbour, St. Hubert, in 2007. That move saw jobs and power move to St. Hubert.

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My Comment: I know how those voters feel. I live in LaSalle, and none of the candidates have any appeal to me.

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