Friday, December 4, 2009

Daycare Operator Riled By PQ Allegation

Photo: Education Minister Michelle Courchesne calls the PQ's accusations irresponsible. (CBC)

From The Montreal Gazette:

Gave to Liberals as a thanks for getting subsidized places.

Private daycare operator Ada Bianco is hopping mad.

This week, the Parti Québécois linked her $3,000 donation to the Quebec Liberals to her winning 80 hotly contested subsidized daycare places.

In a telephone interview yesterday from her Les petits génies du préscolaire daycare in Mascouche, Bianco said she made the donation after her permit was granted "just maybe as a thank you."

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My Comment: One more example of why it is wrong for governments to put their hands into how contracts and monies are disbursed.

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