Friday, December 4, 2009

The Habs Are Who We Are

From The Globe And Mail:

When the Montreal Canadiens gather at the Bell Centre tonight, they will be celebrating not just the centenary of the most successful club in the history of hockey. They will be celebrating a national institution.

Le Club de hockey Canadien was founded in Montreal on Dec. 4, 1909. Who knew the illustrious story it would write? In winning again and again, in innovating, adapting and enduring, in personifying grace and guts, the Canadiens have shaped our national game. Moreover, as a dynastic team with political, social and religious overtones, the Canadiens have become part of our iconography.

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My Comment: I have lived in Montreal for 50 years .... and I remember those glory days as if they were like yesterday. But those days are gone .... and the Canadians of today have lost the spirit that made them famous from so long ago.

Tonight's 100 years celebration is a nice event, but it only serves to remind me of what we once were .... and I know that we will never get it back.

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