Friday, December 4, 2009

Police Ask Public For Clues In Cabbie's Death

Nehar-Belair left for work on Sunday and never came back.

From CTV:

Police continued appealing to the public Friday for help in the search for a suspect in the murder of taxi driver Mohammed Nehar-Belaid.

The body of Nehar-Belaid, 64, was found in LaSalle Wednesday after he went missing Sunday.

His Ford Taurus taxi was last spotted at a Verdun gas station on Monday. Police released surveillance video from the station that shows a man behind the wheel of the taxi. The video shows someone driving Nehar-Belaid's car and using his credit card. Police said they want to talk to the person in the video, but so far, have only received a few tips.

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My Comment: I hate reading about these crimes. What strikes me home on this case, is that his body was found in a field that I use to play in with my friends when I was a kid (40 years ago). The bastard who killed him probably got off at the LaSalle exit from the 20 .... drove up the street until he reached the field .... and then either killed him or dump the body.

LaSalle use to have a murder once every 5 years .... now it seems that we are having 2 or 3 every year.

Sighhhh .... LaSalle is no longer a safe area.

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