Monday, December 7, 2009

Debit Fraud Ring Busted .... For Being Stupid

Laval Thieves Caught With Cloned Debit Cards -- Montreal Gazette

Six men arrested; cops seize $6,000 in cash and 30 counterfeit cards.

MONTREAL – Six men are to be arraigned Monday on fraud and theft charges after Laval police foiled robberies at automatic teller machines in which thieves used cloned debit or credit cards.

Two of the robbers were spotted shortly before 1 a.m. Monday at an RBC machine on De La Concorde Blvd. E. near Auteuil Blvd. in the Duvernay section of Laval using suspicious-looking white cards by a Laval police officer who happened to be using the machine next to them, Laval police Constable Franco Di Genova said.

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My Comment: 6 guys .... for $6,000. Idiots.

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