Saturday, July 25, 2009

City Ranking Is Another Blow To Tremblay

From The Montreal Gazette:

Montreal is 21st among 29 cities in Canada in Maclean's survey.

One thing Mayor Gérald Tremblay does not need with an election barely more than three months away is a new rating of cities according to how well they are run. Too bad for him that Maclean's magazine this week surveys 29 Canadian cities and ranks Montreal in the last third - a dismal 21st.

The other members of Canada's Big Four cities leave Montreal in the dust: Vancouver is third, Toronto 10th and Calgary 11th. Montreal fares poorly even when stacked up against the province's other cities: Longueuil proudly claims the 5th spot, followed by Sherbrooke (6), Quebec City (9) and Gatineau (12). (Laval did not provide enough data for the study to include it.)

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My Comment: Longueuil is number 5 .... no way!

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