Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Combatting Urban Scrawl

Graffiti artist Guillaume Lapointe has been hired full-time by Prevention N.D.G. to paint wall murals in the borough. He is seen working on the loading dock wall of the Snowdon Bakery in Montreal, Tuesday July 14 2009. Photograph by: Allen McInnis, THE GAZETTE

From The Montreal Gazette:

Tagging has become a city-wide problem that Montreal is fighting with tags of its own. It has dispatched illustrators to trouble areas to cover buildings with murals, which graffiti artists respect.

Like the other veterans who frequent the Royal Canadian Legion in Notre Dame de Grâce, Stuart Vallieres is fed up with the vandals who spray paint graffiti on their legion hall. Every time it's cleaned up, the youths return to tag the building on de Maisonneuve Blvd.

"It is pretty discouraging that people take that kind of liberty with someone else's property," said Vallieres, who is the branch president.

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My Comment: The penalties for those who damage property is so light .... it is meaningless. Graffiti causes enormous damage .... the criminal code should treat it as such.

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