Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Earl Jones Scandal -- Clients May Soon Know What Happened To Their Money

Lawyer Neil Stein, above at a meeting for clients of Earl Jones, is representing 80 alleged victims. "I believed (Jones) was still in Montreal," he said yesterday. "It was a gut feeling." Photograph by: MARIE-FRANCE COALLIER, THE GAZETTE, The Gazette

Answers Could Be Only Days Away -- The Montreal Gazette

Court hearing set for Wednesday: Jones's staff to be questioned under oath.

It might not be too much longer before Earl Jones's alleged victims find out what happened to their money.

On Wednesday, Jones's company, Earl Jones Consultant and Administration Corp., is expected to be declared bankrupt after a hearing in Quebec Superior Court.

Once that happens, a lawyer for the trustee, likely RMS Richter, will be able to subpoena Jones and his staff members, Debra Stewart, Nancy Wynands and Louise Voyer, and question them under oath about the company's assets and liabilities.

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Update: Missing Montreal financier's clients could soon learn fate of money -- Calgary Herald

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