Friday, July 24, 2009

Scrapping Of Quebec City Historical Re-Enactment May Have Cost City Millions.

Plains of Abraham, Quebec City

From Calgary Herald:

Horst Dressler was planning a trip to Quebec City this month to battle on the Plains of Abraham in a uniform similar to the one worn by General James Wolfe in 1759.

Instead, the history buff and his millions of tourist dollars made their way to Youngstown, N.Y., Thursday, where he'll re-enact other 18th-century British- French confrontations.

Last February, the National Battlefields Commission cancelled the July 31- Aug. 2 re-enactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City after hard-line nationalists threatened to disrupt it.

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My Comment: When I first heard of the event canceling because of what a few French Nationalist yahoos were saying that they were going to do, disappointment is an understatement.

I will still be on the Plains of Abraham next week, but I have a feeling that I will be alone.

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