Monday, July 20, 2009

Montreal As A Vacation Destination

Philippe Dubuc, Gaspar and François Boulay hit the trails of Mount Royal three or four times a week, and they always look this good doing so. John Mahoney / Canwest News Service

Never Too Glam For Poutine -- National Post

Recession jitters will prompt many Canadians to stick close to home on their holidays this year. This is the sixth instalment of our summertime series of Insider’s Guides to some of the country’s top vacation destinations. This week: Montreal.

Philippe Dubuc and François Boulay are effortlessly chic. On this July afternoon, they are sharing a park bench at the foot of Mount Royal - a.k.a. The Mountain - dressed in coordinated black and white. Even Gaspar, their year-and-a-half-old tuxedo standard poodle, seems very much a part of the ensemble.

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