Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is Quebec Running Low On H1N1 Vaccine?

Five-and-a-half-year-old Kim watches as her father, Lawrence Colsell, receives his H1N1 flu vaccination at the Palais des congrès centre in Montreal on Nov. 16, 2009. Kim had already received her flu shot. Photograph by: Dave Sidaway, The Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL – Quebec may not have enough vaccine for everyone until after Christmas or even New Year's, long after the second wave of swine flu has peaked, health officials confirmed yesterday.

But Dr. Alain Poirier, Quebec's public health director, said many people will have already been vaccinated, lowering the risk of infection in the community.

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My Comment: It figures .... as soon as I become one of those groups eligible for the shot .... they run out. Sighhh .... the story of my life.

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