Friday, November 13, 2009

PQ Proposes Notwithstanding Clause To Block Access To "Transition" Schools

Brent Tyler talks with some of his clients in his Montreal office Thursday. From the left are: Parthasarothi Dey, Debjotidhar Dhar and Kazal Das. He has represented them in the long-running legal battle against Bill 104. Photograph by: John Kenney, The Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

QUEBEC - The Parti Québécois opposition proposed Friday that the Charest government use the controversial notwithstanding clause in Canada’s constitution to block access to “transition” schools.

Language Minister Christine St-Pierre said the government would explore “all options” to affirm the “primacy of French” in Quebec.

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My Comment: While the focus is on immigrants who want their children to go to English schools, the "big" users of transitional schools are actually French families. I personally know of many French families who want their children to learn English, but French Quebec schools only start teaching their children English in the 6th grade, and only for one hour.

Is this a stupid policy .... yes .... but welcome to the Quebec French nationalist world.

The best school system in Quebec (bar none) are the English schools with French immersion courses. Children who leave these institutions are fluent in English and French, and as a result they do extremely well in university and in the work force (both in Quebec and in Canada). But while this is a great program, there is no hope that such a policy will be implemented in Quebec's French school system.

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