Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quebec Proposes New Party Financing Rules

Photo: The proposed bill was tabled by Claude Bechard, the minister
responsible for electoral reform. (Nov. 25, 2009)

From the CBC:

The Quebec government has tabled a bill aimed at cleaning up political party financing in the province.

The move comes following allegations of widespread improper party fundraising and political corruption.

Bill 78, tabled by Claude Béchard, the deputy house leader and minister responsible for election reform, calls for a ban on anonymous donations.

For the first time, the province’s party financing laws would also apply to races for the leadership of provincial and municipal parties.

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Update #1: Liberals propose changes to party financing, riding boundaries -- CTV
Update #2: Bill to ban anonymous gifts to politican parties presented in National Assembly -- Montreal Gazette

My Comment: These financial fund raising changes are long over due .... especially on the municipal level. As for the number of ridings, this has to chnage also. It is ridiculous that some ridings are represented by populations that are half of what the ridings on the island of Montreal are represented with.

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