Friday, November 20, 2009

Quebec Seniors Can Now Be Vaccinated

People over age 65 will be able to join the lineups for the H1N1 swine flu vaccine earlier than anticipated. Photograph by: Marcos Townsend, Gazette file photo

Quebec Seniors Can Get H1N1 Vaccine -- Montreal Gazette

Move follows Ontario's decision to open doors to everyone.

MONTREAL – All Montreal Island residents age 65 or more can come immediately to a vaccination clinic to get their inoculation against H1N1 flu, public health authorities announced late Thursday – after Ontario had thrown open the doors to its vaccination clinics to every single one of that province’s residents, effective immediately.

Alberta said it expects to follow Ontario’s footsteps early next week.

Quebec is taking a much different approach.

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Update #1: Quebec starts vaccinating seniors against H1N1 -- CBC
Update #2: Seniors in some regions can get vaccinated -- CTV

My Comment: After Ontario changed their policy, Quebec had no choice.

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