Monday, November 16, 2009

Sovereignists Want Quebec To Defy Supreme Court Ruling On Bill 104

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL – A downtown rally Monday evening will kick off “a vast campaign of public mobilization” designed to pressure the Quebec National Assembly to declare it will defy an Oct. 22 decision on English-language schooling in Quebec handed down by Canada’s highest court, prominent Quebec nationalist Mario Beaulieu said.

Flanked Monday by leaders of several Quebec nationalist, sovereignist and French-language-advocacy groups, Beaulieu, president of the Société St. Jean Baptiste de Montréal (SSJB), said the campaign’s goal is to nullify the effect of last month’s recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

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My Comment: One group of French Quebecers telling another group of French Quebecers that they will use the power of the government to not permit them to have their children learn English and/or to get a better education in an English institution.

My French Quebecois neighbors are "pissed" with this attempt by nationalists to tell them what to do.

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