Monday, November 16, 2009

Parizeau's New Book Continues To Push Separation Dream

Former Parti Quebecois leader Jacques Parizeau: 'This victory sweeps aside any hesitation Quebecers might have had on the presence of the Bloc in Ottawa.' Photograph by: John Kenney/Montreal Gazette, Montreal Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL — Former Parti Quebecois Leader Jacques Parizeau argues in a new book that it’s not because the sovereignty movement failed twice to pull Quebec out of Canada that the dream is dead and can’t or won’t one day happen.

Even if the sovereignty option appears to be languishing, Parizeau says the roots of the idea are well entrenched in the minds of Quebecers and the option has steadily gained credibility over the course of the 40 years he has been fighting for it.

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My Comment: French Quebec demographics indicate that the French population in Quebec will be a minority within 50 years. Face it .... they are not having children. Immigrants may come and learn the French language, but the priority will always be English for them.

Parizeau's push for separation is just a dream .... and it will stick that way when he dies.

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