Monday, November 23, 2009

Vaccination Of General Public May Start Soon

A vial of the H1N1 vaccine at a Montreal clinic (Nov. 20, 2009)

From CBC:

Some regions of Quebec may soon be able to start vaccinating members of the general public against the swine flu as early as next week, public health officials said Friday.

On Thursday, some regions were able to begin vaccinating seniors against the H1N1 virus as officials announced they will receive a larger-than-expected shipment of vaccine next week.

Next week the province is expected to receive 1.1 million doses of the vaccine, roughly double what it has received on a weekly basis so far.

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Update #1:
H1N1 vaccine open to all soon: Health Minister -- CTV

Update #2: H1N1 - vaccine campaign We'll all be eligible before Dec. 7 -- Montreal Gazette

My Comment: I walked by a clinic yesterday .... and it was empty. I guess the panic to get a flu shot has now subsided.

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