Friday, November 27, 2009

Olympic Torch In Montreal Dec. 9, 10

Photo: Monique Worth, left, a Montreal executive commitee member, and Guylaine Bernier, a former Olympic rower, promote the coming visit of the Olympic torch. (CBC)

From the CBC:

The Olympic torch will visit Montreal Dec. 9 and 10, officials announced Thursday.

The torch will arrive the morning of Dec. 9 at Olympic Stadium to mark the city’s Olympic connection.

The next day, the torch will be carried through 12 different cities and boroughs on the island.

The day-long celebrations will wrap-up with a party at Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal, said Monique Worth, Montreal’s executive committee member responsible for sports and recreation.

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My Comment: I can never understand how people can get excited over a little flame on an odd looking torch .... but lets face it, that torch has its own press corps and thousands of people seeing it everyday.

I have suggested to anyone who would listen that instead of a torch, we should instead have a grapefruit that symbolizes what we think of the Olympics. Have that grapefruit travel from one city to another, and publicize it everyday on the news. My bet ..... thousands will still show up everyday to see that stupid grapefruit.

Sigh .... unfortunately it is not going to happen. Or as my family puts it .... I am just an old and miserable person who likes to rant once in a while.

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