Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quebec To Spend $650M Cutting Household Waste

Provincial Environment Minister Line Beauchamp wants to cut the amount of garbage produced per Quebecer to 700 kilograms per year from the current 810 kilograms. Photograph by: Allen McInnis, The Gazette

From The CBC:

Quebec is introducing ambitious measures to cut household trash and divert organic waste currently dumped in the province's landfills.

The province's Liberal government said it wants to ban "green" and recyclable waste from landfills within a decade, starting with paper and cardboard by 2013.

The measure will help Quebecers achieve the government's other green goal: to cut average household waste from 810 to 700 kilograms per year.

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Update: Quebec moves to rid dumps of food, glass, leaves -- Montreal Gazette

My Comment: I do not want anyone to go through my trash .... but according to these new rules inspectors will have every right to rifle through what we are putting out. In addition .... spending $650 million that we do not have is irresponsible .... but no one is listening.

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