Thursday, July 9, 2009

911. Please Hold

According to Urgences Sante, most drivers don't know what to do when they see an ambulance in the rear view mirror. Photograph by: Gazette File Photo, Gazette File Photo

From The Montreal Gazette:

Man with appendicitis waits six hours for ambulance.

A Montreal man, bed-ridden with acute appendicitis, waited six hours for an ambulance Thursday after calling 911 four times, raising concerns the city's emergency-response service is putting patients at risk.

Even as 57-year-old Jean-Marc Gagné lay begging to be taken to an emergency room, more than half of Montreal's fleet of ambulances sat idle at hospitals around the city.

Urgences Santé has lots of ambulances but not enough paramedics to fill them, according to the Montreal agency's chief of operations, Benoît Garneau.

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