Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quebec's Quiet Decline Continues Apace -- A Commentary

Francois Legault (Global TV)

From The Montreal Gazette:

Amid our two holidays and recent celebrity news, the departure from Quebec politics of François Legault late last month received too little attention.

The former president of Air Transat was successively minister of industry, education, and health in Parti Québécois governments, and has been the star of the PQ front bench since the Liberals took power. Never a hard-liner on independence, he was well-respected among federalist Quebecers. His departure, at age 52, is widely seen as a serious loss for PQ leader Pauline Marois. There has even been speculation that he has left the National Assembly to begin a campaign to replace her.

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My Comment:
In my 49 years of living here .... all of my friends from high school have left .... I am one of the few who stayed behind. They left because of french nationalism, high taxation and a hostile business environment, and language/culture discrimination. Is Quebec poorer because of this .... we now know that we are.

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