Monday, November 2, 2009

Charest Promises To Clean Up Municipal Politics

Police are also investigating allegations of bribery related to a
contract to replace the roof at city hall.

From CTV News:

MONTREAL — Premier Jean Charest is promising to clean up the process of awarding municipal contracts across the province.

The comments came one day after Montreal's mayor was re-elected, despite accounts of corruption at city hall that have embarrassed the city.

Montrealers gave Mayor Gerald Tremblay a third term over the weekend -- this after reports that construction companies, in collusion with the Italian Mafia, are funding political parties and boosting the cost of building projects.

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Update #1: No trusteeship for Montreal: Charest -- CBC
Update #2: Quebec to remind cities about ethics in awarding contracts -- Montreal Gazette

My Comment: I think the Premier is making a mistake in this case. No one knows the extent that corruption has reached the Halls of City Hall. All that we do know is that aside from a few examples, the taint of corrupt influences appear to reach a number of offices and persons in the Government.

Enormous amounts of Montreal tax monies are involved .... and if anything .... the province should position itself to at least supervise how this money is spent until a full inquiry on City Hall corruption has been completed.

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