Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Coupons Will Cut Wait For Vaccine: Minister

Marisa Grunder is given a shot during trials of an H1N1 vaccine in August in Iowa City, Iowa. Photograph by: David Greedy, Getty Images

From The CBC:

Montreal officials speed up vaccination schedule.

Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc says a new coupon system will be put in place to help prevent lineups at H1N1 vaccination clinics in some regions.

The province has faced criticism for its vaccination plan as thousands of people, including those at high risk of contracting swine flu, have been forced to wait hours in cold temperatures.

Bolduc said the coupons will provide patients with an appointment for their vaccination and would be available in the Montérégie region and Quebec City, starting Wednesday.

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Update #1: Bolduc unveils new strategy -- CTV
Update #2: Coupons to fix H1N1 vaccination delays -- Montreal Gazette

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