Thursday, November 5, 2009

H1N1 News Updates -- November 5, 2009

Michelle Goodman and her daughter Hannah Eisenberg, 14, who has Crohn's Disease and is on immunosuppressants, spent a harrowing day trying to get the H1N1 vaccination.
Photograph by: Dario Ayala, The Gazette

Vaccination Nightmare For Worried Mom -- Montreal Gazette

On Friday, the government’s H1N1 vaccination program failed Michelle Goodman, who found herself running from CLSC to CLSC, pleading for someone to vaccinate her daughter, Hannah, who suffers from Crohn’s disease.

Not only is Hannah, 14, on immunosuppressant drugs that could make her more susceptible to the H1N1 virus, but Goodman’s husband, Steve, was home sick with swine flu.

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More News on H1N1 And Its Vaccination Program

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