Monday, November 9, 2009

How To Cause A Controversy Between Canadien Hockey Players by Using Twitter

Habs' Goalie Controversy Tweets Its Ugly Head -- Montreal Gazette

Carey Price, Jaroslav Halak at centre of firestorm.

MONTREAL – You can find the Canadiens’ first goaltending controversy a century ago, when co-general manager and head coach Jack Laviolette inserted himself in the net of the first-year club. For five minutes, no goals allowed.

During that 12-game, pre-NHL National Hockey Association schedule, the not-yet-nicknamed Habs would netmind by committee, also using Teddy Groulx, Pat Larochelle and even co-GM Jos Cattarinich. Imagine the uproar if there’d been an Internet in 1910.

One hundred years later, a Los Angeles-based player-agent using the social-networking tool Twitter was a twit to stir a Montreal goaltending pot that surely he knows is always on the verge of a boil.

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My Comment: You got to be kidding. A player's agent goes a little out of line to mock someone who is a "threat" against the best interests of his client .... so what.

Oh yeah .... I forgot .... this is Montreal.

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