Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Montreal Is A Disaster -- A Macleans Investigative Report

Montreal Skyline (Photo from Focused On Light)

From MaCleans Magazine:

FULL STORY: The once-glamorous city is now a corrupt, crumbling, mob-ridden disgrace. What went wrong?

It says something about a city when tales of bravery in the face of organized crime are apparently a prerequisite to governing it. Five weeks into an increasingly bizarre election campaign dominated by scandal, graft and good, old-fashioned backstabbing, Gérald Tremblay wants it known that he is scared for the well-being of his family. Montreal’s mayor and leader of the municipal party Union Montréal (Quebec has parties at the city level) is vying for a third term. He says his decision to clean up city hall during the past four years has made him a target of Montreal’s criminal underbelly. He recently reminded voters of the time police found two fire bombs behind his country house in 2005. Then there was the time when, as Quebec’s industry minister, he denied a liquor permit to a Montreal-area wine producer—who was subsequently found dead in the trunk of his own car. “I’m not naive,” Tremblay told Le Devoir last week. “I’m very well informed. I knew exactly what I was getting into with the city of Montreal.”

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My Comment: Kudos to Macleans Magazine for publishing a story that the Quebec based media would be afraid to publish. Read it all and weep.

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