Monday, November 2, 2009

Montreal Mayor Says He Will Clean Up City Hall

Mayor Gerald Tremblay says there will be no new contracts until new rules for the awarding of contracts are set out. (CBC)

From The CBC:

Municipal contract tender process will change now that elections over.

Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay announced the city would limit new spending to only essential contracts pending the outcome of investigations into allegations of collusion and corruption in the construction industry.

The move comes a day after the conclusion of an election campaign that was dominated by scandal and allegations of corruption involving the Mob and construction companies.

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My Comment: I do not think he is in a position to clean up City hall with the tools that are at his disposal right now. The City needs an independent outsider(s) to come in and clean it up. If the Mayor goes down this route, that is when I will then know that he is serious in cleaning up this mess.

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