Friday, November 6, 2009

Natives Want PM To Halt Quebec Northern Development

Hydro-Quebec's US$6-billion hydroelectric complex on the Romaine River is Canada's largest construction project. Even before its inexpensive power becomes available to industry, the project will spur some $3.2 billion of spinoff activity in its own right.

From The CBC:

Quebec aboriginals have threatened to derail a showpiece plan by Premier Jean Charest's government to develop the province's north, and they're pleading for help from the federal government.

The request was issued Friday by the province's main aboriginal group and five Innu communities.

"The time has come to correct a degrading and unhealthy situation for the development of both First Nations and Canada," Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Chief Ghislain Picard wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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My Comment: The Quebec Government will never negotiate with the Indians of Northern Quebec as country to country .... at least not in my life time.

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