Monday, November 9, 2009

Part Of Montreal's Soul Died When Expos Left

Termmel Sledge swings away on Montreal Expos' last at-bat during final home game at the Olympic Stadium in 2004. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, Gazette file photo

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL – On a grey Saturday morning in November, with a football game about to start on the other side of Sherbrooke, a small amphitheater on Concordia's Loyola campus became the field of dreams.

The golden pipes that enthralled us for 32 years were warmed up and Dave Van Horne's signature call was pitch-perfect: "... there's a high fly ball to left-centre field, that ball is up, up and away."

And just like that it was the summer of 1979 again, when you could stroll along Coolbrook St. in N.D.G. and never lose track of the Expos game. Just as the voices of Van Horne and Duke Snider faded behind you, you'd pick up the sound from someone else's balcony or an open kitchen window and the game would follow you down the street.

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My Comment: Those days are long gone .... and they are not coming back. But the memories are always there.

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