Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quebec's ADQ Party Is Imploding

Gilles Taillon. Photograph by: Mathieu Bélanger, Reuters

ADQ Leader Wants Police Investigation, New Leadership Race -- CTV News

QUEBEC — Action democratique du Quebec Leader Gilles Taillon wants provincial police to investigate what he calls "troubling aspects" in the party's finances.

Taillon also told a news conference in Quebec City today he wants the beleaguered party to hold another leadership race after less than a month on the job.

Taillon's comments on the ADQ financing come a few weeks after the party announced it would cut off ties with members of the Conservative party, including Senator Leo Housakos.

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More News On The Demise Of The ADQ

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My Comment: This situation provides an opportunity for the Federalists in Quebec, and the Conservatives in particular. The ADQ have always split a good portion of the Federalist and soft nationalist vote to their cause .... thereby permitting the PQ to come into the middle to win elections.

The demise of the ADQ will now end this. The key now is how will the Federalists take advantage of this situation. The Conservative win in yesterdays by-election in the rural riding of Quebec may give an indication on where this may be going.

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