Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biking In Quebec

The Eastern Townships portion of the Route Verte covers a large part of the region, following south from Danville to Sherbrooke then curving west through Mont Orford to Farnham and branching off north toward Drummondville. With story by freelancer. Photograph by: Deanna MacDonald, for The Montreal Gazette

Cyclists Can Explore 4,300 Kilometres Of Beautiful Quebec Countryside -- Ottawa

Who's that moving up there? For kilometres I've had the serene cycling path through the woods all to myself. It's two deer grazing yellow, pink and blue wildflowers that carpet the fringes of the gravel route. Myself, I've just finished nibbling a warm almond croissant and still have the luscious taste lingering on my tongue of a café au lait sipped on a terrace conveniently perched trail-side. The deer move reluctantly into the bush and I pedal on through classic Quebec countryside; red-roofed chalets reflected in bright blue lakes and silver church steeples rising above villages. I round a curve and see a red wooden covered bridge and then an old railway station converted into a mini-museum and B&B. This is my cue to pull off for lunch at the riverside Kayak Café where a balcony overlooks a small waterfall in the middle of the village of Labelle. I'll have the salmon tartare and a nice cold beer, s'il vous plait. Then I rent one of the café's kayaks for an hour to paddle the Rivière Rouge before jumping back on my bike.

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