Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation Spots In Quebec's Wilderness

The Forests Outside of Mont Tremblant

Quebec's Wilderness Is Amazing -- Vancouver Sun

10 hot spots and events that you should experience before you die.

It was early September a couple of years ago, and a few friends and I were sitting around a campfire beside Taylor Lake in Gatineau Park when it happened. By chance, I looked up to see a spectacular display of northern lights sweeping across the sky. Conversation came to an abrupt stop as we paused to take in the splendour of the moment. It was one of those precious times that put the icing on the cake of a wilderness vacation.

It's one of many highlights that I have collected in several decades of exploring the Quebec bush, from canoeing the white water of the Dumoine River, which separates Pontiac and Temiscamingue counties, in the west, to paddling a kayak among the screeching whales that make their home in the starkly beautiful Mingan Islands on the north side of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the east.

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