Monday, July 6, 2009

Blame Mayor Tremblay For Plateau's Cash Woes: Labonté

Benoit Labonté of Vision Montreal says the cash crisis in the Plateau shows how Mayor Tremblay's administration has failed to equalize borough budgets. Photograph by: Pierre Obendrauf, Gazette file photo

From Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL - The near bankruptcy of the mid-town borough of Plateau Mont Royal is but a symptom of a larger, financial malaise that has stricken the city of Montreal, the head of the city's official opposition says.

And Benoit Labonté of Vision Montreal says the real extent of Montreal's woes may only become apparent the day after the Nov. 1 general municipal election.

"It's a failure. The situation in Plateau Mont Royal is a political failure and a failure of management," Labonté told The Gazette. "It's a failure that shows how the Tremblay administration, since the mergers of 2002, was supposed to equalize the budgets of the boroughs and how that job hasn't been done.

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My Comment: The only solution is to demerge to what we had before 2002. But none of these politicians are going to propose that.

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