Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heavy Rains, Possible Tornado Hits Montreal

Jean-Francois Brunelle waits for a tow truck by his car after driving unto a flooded Cremaze St. at the L'Acadie circle, and partially submerging his car and stalling it, in Montreal, Saturday July 11, 2009. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, Montreal Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL- A burst of extreme weather flooded sections of highways and basements in the Montreal area Saturday and sent a pool and a garage roof flying north of the city during what might have been a tornado.

Torrential rain and thunder struck Montreal late in the afternoon, and by 8 p.m. 36.6 millilmetres had fallen at Trudeau airport, Environment Canada said.

About 3:15 p.m., Jean-François Brunelle’s SUV and two other cars stalled on a section of Crémazie Blvd. at the Acadie Circle, as water flooded their engines and nearly submerged the vehicles.

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