Friday, July 17, 2009

To My American Readers .... A Taste Of Quebec's Socialized Health System

Eliza Abbaszadeh miscarried during the 15th week of her pregnancy. She says she'll never go back to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, The Gazette

Montreal Woman Left Alone During Miscarriage At Royal Vic -- The Montreal Gazette

Hospital nightmare; No doctor came as husband helped her deliver dead fetus.

MONTREAL - When the painful contractions started, Eliza Abbaszadeh knew she was losing her baby.

Doubled over in pain and bleeding profusely, she went to the Royal Victoria Hospital looking for help and guidance.

Instead, Abbaszadeh, 31, was put in a room where she and her husband, Philippe Doyon, were left alone, afraid and helpless as she delivered a 12-centimetre fetus during the 15th week of her pregnancy.

Doyon wiped the blood off her legs and took the fetus out of the birth canal.

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