Saturday, July 11, 2009

Transit Users Report Problems With STM Smart Card

From CTV News:

It seems there are still some glitches with the STM's smart card.

Some transit users have been charged twice for their monthly OPUS pass, while others were charged even though their transactions didn't go through.

When Alex Harper tried to top up his OPUS card at a machine recently, he ran into trouble.

"I tried to refill my OPUS card and just as the transaction was nearing completion, both screens gave me different error messages. One told me the service was temporarily unavailable, and a second told me that no transaction had been debited," Harper said.

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My Comment: Count me in as one of those who has had problems when recharging my OPUS card. I went to the machine, used my debit card, transaction approved, but after the approval my transaction for recharging my OPUS card was canceled. This happened at the main booth at Angrignon Metro Station. I complained to the attendant .... and was told not to worry.

When I got home, I noticed the extra charge on my checking account, and I called my bank right away. Three days later my account was credited the money that I had spent. On a more positive note, my account was credited again a few days later with the same amount. Hmmmmm .... I must confess that I am not going to call them to complain when they give me extra money.

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