Sunday, November 1, 2009

Montreal's Civic Election Leaves Mess For Next Mayor

Mayoral candidate Louise Harel mockingly applauds incumbent Gérald Tremblay, right, during a recent debate as the third candidate, Richard Bergeron, looks on. Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press

From The CBC:

A most memorable slogan for Montreal's mayoral race was splashed across the cover of this week's Maclean's magazine: "Montreal is a corrupt, crumbling, Mob-ridden disgrace."

That headline brutally summed up one of the most bizarre municipal elections in memory, which featured a disheartening drip of tales about Mafia influence in politics, inflated construction contracts and widespread corruption.

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My Comment: Maclean's sums it up perfectly ..... "Montreal is a corrupt, crumbling, Mob-ridden disgrace." Throw in high taxes, former convicted FLQ members holding key positions inside Tremblay's administration, lousy municipal services, a transit system that fails to serve the West End .... you will have a very disgruntled electorate.

If Hamel was not a separatist, she would be walking away with a win in this election, but everyone's perception that she will be more of the same is unfortunately (and probably) true. This is a dead heat ..... and from where I stand anyone can win this election.

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