Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quebec's Public Sector Workers Want More Money

Help Us Stay In Public Sector, Workers Urge Province -- Montreal Gazette

Common-front negotiations. Employees want 11.25% pay hike over 3 years.

The common front, representing 475,000 public-sector workers in Quebec, is arguing in its new contract talks for a pay increase so its members stay in their jobs rather than take more lucrative posts in the private sector.

Gilles Dussault, representing 265,000 teachers, civil servants and other public-sector employees in the Secrétariat intersyndical des services publics, said the workers are asking for "the means to do their jobs."

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My Comment: 425,000 public-sector workers in Quebec ?!?!!? No wonder our taxes are so high. Let them go to the private sector since they believe that the private sector pays more.

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