Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Calgary 6, Montreal 2

Image from the Bleacher Report

Flames Score Five Straight Goals To Scorch Canadiens
-- Canada.com

CALGARY - This is what the bottom of the barrel looks like.

The Montreal Canadiens lost Monday night, and they lost horrendously, surrendering two short-handed goals while rolling over 6-2 against the Calgary Flames to begin a six-game road trip.

This is a team, head coach Guy Carbonneau almost needlessly said, that needs to rediscover its passion. And more.

``A fear of losing is OK. It makes you play better. But a fear of playing is (not), and that's where we are right now,'' Carbonneau said, ashen-faced. ``We're afraid to play. Afraid to make mistakes, afraid to let down the other guy.''

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