Friday, February 27, 2009

Quebec Minister May Force Skiers To Wear Helmets

Photo from Austrian Times

From The CBC:

Emergency doctors call for mandatory helmet law to reduce winter sport injuries.

People who ski and snowboard may be required to wear helmets on Quebec slopes as early as next year, according to the province's minister responsible for sports.

Sport and Leisure Minister Michelle Courchesne said Thursday that she is considering making helmets compulsory for some winter sports as early as next year.

On Thursday, the province's emergency room doctors appealed for a provincewide helmet law, saying that 60 per cent of head injuries sustained in winter sports could be avoided if skiers, boarders and tobogganers wore helmets.

Courchesne said she is already convinced children should wear them.

"I'm looking at it for sure for all of the kids from zero to 12 years old. It will be obligatory to wear those helmets," said Courchesne, speaking to reporters at a Liberal caucus meeting Thursday in Lévis, Que.

She went on to say, however, that a ban could be extended to everyone.

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