Monday, February 23, 2009

Métro Art In Montreal

PARC: The Métamorphose d'Icare sculpture, a work of clear and tinted acrylic, painted silk, ink and liquid crystals, hangs above the escalator from the mezzanine to the entrance. Created in 1983, it was artist Claire Sarrasin's first major public commissioned work. The mythological reference to the ill-fated Icarus is an ode to the neighbourhood's Greek-Canadians, and is meant to suggest Icarus's ascent toward the sun, not his fall from it. Photograph by: PHIL CARPENTER, THE GAZETTE, The Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

Anyone who has used subways in other cities will tell you that Montreal's 42-year-old métro is one of the quirkiest in terms of its stations' décor and architecture.

During these mid-winter blahs, when you're wiping your runny nose with your mittens as you rush through one of the stations on your way to work, the wonders of our métro may not be so apparent. But there are in fact dozens of sublime slices of creativity in the métro that reflect the wonderful blend of melancholy and zany that is Montreal. Take the time to look at the art in the métro and it might lift your spirits.

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