Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Road Plan For Montreal Airport To Take Off This Spring

The new configuration of the Dorval Circle will include eight overpasses and roads to give drivers direct access from Highways 20 and 520 and the airport. (Transport Quebec)

From CBC:

Old Dorval Circle to be replaced with eight new overpasses and new roads.

Drivers trying to get to and from Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport will have a smoother ride in the near future, say government officials who announced a $224-million reconstruction project Monday.

The project, which is being paid for by federal, provincial and municipal governments, involves the complete overhaul of the troublesome Dorval Circle plus the addition of new, direct links between the airport and Highways 20 and 520.

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Update: Dorval Circle to get $224 million facelift -- CTV

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