Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Owner, Borough At Odds Over Future Of Race Track Site

The site of the race track in question. (Feb. 9, 2009)

From The CTV:

The question of what to do with the old Blue Bonnets race track site has community members, city officials and a company owner weighing in.

The company has plans for a new gaming hall. The community wants it for social housing.

The story

Since last June the company running the Montreal hippodrome, Attraction Hippiques, has been under bankruptcy protection.

However, the owner of the company has plans for the location,and will present them to the government in March. The owner, Paul Massicotte, wants a gaming hall that includes 300-video lottery terminals and off-track betting.

He is also a Liberal senator.

"The choice is one of society. We allow people to gamble if they so wish, we allow people to use their spare time as they so wish," said Massicotte. "[It's] not our choice, it's a choice of society, but so far the rules permit it and we do it in a responsible way."

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